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Pre Market Cleaning Abilene, Texas

Why hire post-renovation experts?

If you have recently had contractors or builders in your home remodeling, you know the mess that leaves behind. Leftover brick and drywall dust can be hazardous if not cleaned properly. Our cleaning technicians are professionally trained in new construction cleaning services and have the right tools/equipment for getting the job done properly.

TnP Cleaning Solutions
Safety- We have experience under our belt with many different construction clean-up jobs, and we always practice safety.
TnP Cleaning Solutions
Equipment- Our cleaning technicians have all the right equipment for construction cleanup.
Home renovation cleaning Abilene


Make-Ready cleaning Abilene

Make Ready

New construction clenaing Abilene, Texas

Common Areas

Our comitment to a better clean

New-Construction cleaning checklist

  • Cabinetry- All cabinet is cleaned inside and out, ensuring that all dust and debris is removed.
  • Windows- All interior windows are thoroughly wiped and any stickers will be properly removed.
  • Bathrooms- All surfaces including light fixtures and tiles thoroughly cleaned.
  • Air vents- Exterior vents are all cleaned.
  • Baseboards- Mouldings, baseboards, and floors are all carefully detailed.

We take our time with this service and we are trained to get the job done properly! 

Post-renovation cleaning Abilene

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